Love Lesson No. 112

My definition of a friend: Someone who can tolerate me… even when I can’t stand myself.

Ugh. I hate admitting that.

But, I hate it even more when I spend time with someone… then, spend the next 24 hours remembering how annoying I was when I was with them.

I start to doubt they’ll ever want to be around me again… then, I realize that I wouldn’t blame them.

It seems so second grade of me. And it probably is.

. . . . .

Thing is, once in awhile, I vent my frustrations with a rock solid 20ish minutes of spewing and ranting. I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens. Without any intention of trying to find a solution.

No advice. Just release.

Today was one of those times.

And, one of my besties got the best of it by inviting me and Xander on a walk.

Poor girl. She’s thinking spring sunshine and fresh air and I bring…

my strong opinions about selfish siblings… and how I’m so done being patient with them.

my thoughts about my tricky client … who I am supposed to help when they don’t even know what they want.

how [*some*] people should take accountability for their actions… because [*I*] know it’s the right thing to do.


A little exaggerated. Mostly unnecessary. Completely overboard.

. . . . .

It reminds me of that line from the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. where the morbidly obese mom says, “I haven’t always been like this.” As I think, “I am not always like this.”

But, this friend already knows.

She shows up with kind, supportive words because she wouldn’t want me to walk alone.

And, I am supremely grateful for how she holds space for me.

No matter what.

Even when I irritate myself.

. . . . .

I even think she’ll call us again. For a lunch date. Or tea. Maybe even another walk along the river or by the lake.

Best of all, I know there will come a time when I can return the favor.

To be encouraging.

To show love.

To be a great friend.

. . . . .

I love my Amanda.

♥ Suni

About Suni Speaks

I love using my experiences as a hypnotist to share the benefits of hypnosis in unexpected ways. I’ll hypnotize anyone to help them reconnect with who they really are. And, guide their best self toward their biggest dreams. Between sessions and gatherings, I try to find love in the little things. Sometimes I write about it. ♥

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