Love Lesson No. 119

If you give me some time to meditate, I’m going to need some candles.

To get the candles, I’ll probably go to the store. When I’m finished, I’ll find a small picture frame, too.

Then I’ll want to go to my house to make sure I have a meditation space.

When I get to my house, I might notice my space needs to be cleaned. So, I’ll probably find some spray and a cloth.

When I am finished dusting my table, I’ll want a broom to sweep the floor. I’ll start sweeping. I might get carried away and sweep every room in the house. I may even end up mopping the floors as well!

When I’m done, I’ll probably be ready to meditate. I’ll have to fix up my little table for myself with the candles and the frame. I’ll light candles, draw myself a card from my favorite deck and slide it into the frame. I’ll probably want to know more about the card. So I’ll read from the book that came with the deck and look at the picture on the front.

When I look at the picture, I’ll get so relaxed I’ll want to imagine my own.

I’ll think of trees and roots. I’ll see them grow. When the roots are strong, they’ll want to support the tree with their strength. Then they’ll want to protect their tree from the wind. Which means they’ll need depth. They’ll expand their roots and dig deeper into the dirt.

Thinking of the dirt will remind me that I need more cleaner from the store. So… I’ll probably buy some more candles.

And chances are if I buy myself some more candles, I’m going to want to meditate.

😉 Suni

About Suni Speaks

I love using my experiences as a hypnotist to share the benefits of hypnosis in unexpected ways. I’ll hypnotize anyone to help them reconnect with who they really are. And, guide their best self toward their biggest dreams. Between sessions and gatherings, I try to find love in the little things. Sometimes I write about it. ♥

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