Love Lesson No. 121

I don’t know tarot.

But, I got this gorgeous deck (The Linestrider Tarot) from my son for Christmas. The cards are so stunning! I can’t stop playing with them.

Most days…

I draw a card before yoga. I study it a bit. Tune in to my intuition before I read about it in the book. Maybe take a few notes.

This morning…

Salt lamp on, candles lit and comfortably seated – I focus my attention on the deck in my hand. Then, I shuffle. And… flip.


Muted tones. Moody. Mysterious.


I open the book and grab my pen at the same time. I immediately start writing the words that catch my attention.



Lack of vision
Blind to blessings and opportunities

F*ck the Four of Cups! With its braless babe wearing a plaid scarf. Her eyes are closed. She can’t even look at me.

Existential strife
Weary of the struggle

I’ve been called out by card. PWND by ink and paper. Because I DO feel that way. I also feel numb. But, not because I want to.

Seeking peace
Needing tranquility
Craving comfort

And, I thought I was hiding this all so well. Allowing the cold, gray suck of winter drag me into its darkness. While acting like everything is fine. Ugh.

I eventually decide on a restorative practice. Because I always need more practice relaxing into the form and releasing muscle tension. Sinking and deepening.

It’s rough. But, I keep trying.

With part of my awareness still on the words I wrote from the book…

Call to action
Wake up
Be alert
Break the routine
Open to new experiences

The energy changes at that instant.

Turn inward to truth
Find fresh motivation
Help someone else

At the same time, the sun suddenly blasts through the bedroom window and slams into the outside of my eyelids! Now, I see it glowing from the inside. So bright, I feel it all over my body. I smile and seep tears at the same time. I sense the support of angels and spirit guides. Mostly Gloria.

I remember reading that they’d rather be recognized by an energetic feeling than by name.

THIS is the feeling.

Not necessarily “better,” but supported by the light. Sunlight. Inner light. Guiding light.

That everything is not perfectly okay…

and that is perfectly okay.

Focus on positive change
Step back on path
Rouse from stagnant state

Knowing I am light.

Because I am love.

♥ Suni

PS: Please don’t worry. I made peace with Four of Cups. We’re cool now.

About Suni Speaks

I love using my experiences as a hypnotist to share the benefits of hypnosis in unexpected ways. I’ll hypnotize anyone to help them reconnect with who they really are. And, guide their best self toward their biggest dreams. Between sessions and gatherings, I try to find love in the little things. Sometimes I write about it. ♥

2 thoughts on “light

  1. I love your process with just one card, and the language you use, Suni!

    “F*ck the Four of Cups! With its braless babe wearing a plaid scarf. Her eyes are closed. She can’t even look at me.”

    Absolutely awesome possum sauce.

    And tbe best bit at the end:

    “PS: Please don’t worry. I made peace with Four of Cups. We’re cool now.”

    Cool modern relationship! 😀

    By the way, would you be interested in people liking your blog or following it? Would love to see those options available.

    Bright Blessings,
    Aurora North 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for reading, Aurora! I appreciate your suggestions and will see what can be done about liking and following.

    ♥ Suni

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