Love Lesson No. 114

Do you know your guardian angels?

How about your spirit guides?

Or are you already sneaking me the side eye?

It’s okay. I doubt I’ll notice.

If a sideways glance of disapproval was gonna shut me down, it would have happened so much earlier in life. Like the time I wore real Dutch wooden shoes to school with a skirt I made (via a shoelace drawstring) from the bottom of a flannel nightgown. Yikes.

I was into my choices enough to be oblivious.

And, now you know me! LOL

. . . . .

Some sources say your main spirit guide is your guardian angel and stays connected to you for your entire life on earth. Mine is a grandma. Not my actual grandma (my greatest earth angel) but an older lady with silver hair and a soft smile.

Her name is Gloria. I didn’t know that until just now. She told me as I am writing this.

I’ll still just call her Grandma.

There is also a noble looking man that has a wig like George Washington. His name is James and he sits at the head of the table, looking powerful and intimidating. But, his smile comforts me. Sometimes he nods and winks in agreement.

There is a teacher who never sits. She stands at her chalkboard taking notes.

And there are kids! Lots of kids who offer the joyful noise of their playfulness. Of course. That is their job!

. . . . .

I am aware of how this sounds. But, I am not trying to convince you. Because I already know…

I’ve asked for signs. And seen them.

I’ve asked for messages. And heard them.

I’ve received comfort when I’ve needed it most.

And, that works perfectly for me.

Because, in my spiritual world, it’s all love!

♥ Suni

PS: I credit/blame James Van Praagh for my most recent fascination with the spirit world. His latest book Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides is a great resource and has a sweet Messages from the Guides card deck that goes with it. ♥ #crushingsohard

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I love using my experiences as a hypnotist to share the benefits of hypnosis in unexpected ways. I’ll hypnotize anyone to help them reconnect with who they really are. And, guide their best self toward their biggest dreams. Between sessions and gatherings, I try to find love in the little things. Sometimes I write about it. ♥

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