Love Lesson No. 115

I don’t have to make big plans to enjoy my weekend. But, sometimes….

. . . . .

Good morning (I don’t usually get up this early)!

Almost forgot to download new album release (Pluto) before leaving.

To Grand Rapids (4ish hours).

Teen son with us (first time in almost a year).

We only stop for more coffee (mocha latte)!

Fabulous Donkey Taqueria lunch (son’s choice).

Gluten-free cupcakes (heavenly!).

Quilt binding with my girl (boys = comic shop + Rogue One).

She makes us all dinner (yum).

Restless hotel sleep (tv in the room).

Bumming around (and a little shopping).

Didn’t find checkerboard Vans in my size (boo).

More quilting (this time piecing a top).

Tour of where she works (impressive!).

Early dinner (Korean BBQ tacos).

More log cabin blocks (that’s quilt talk BTW).

Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers (*still* my favorite Michigan band).

At 20 Monroe Live (what a cool new venue!).

Hotel snacks with my Mr. (vending machine raid FTW).

Slept better (second night away).

Early goodbyes (bittersweet).

Home (to freshen up).

Bonus Sunday skate (with Keewenaw Roller Girls).

Late dinner (with new friends Thimbleberry Slam, Black Ice and Starbuck).

Even later chatting it up (roller derby + stuff… mostly stuff).

Precious slumber (in my own bed).

Even earlier goodbyes (seen you in June KRG).

Monday morning sleep-in (with Xander and Smitten).


. . . . .

…you just gotta get a little crazy!

Xo Suni

PS: You probably already know how much I enjoy Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers. They never disappoint! Live or recorded, they are well worth a listen… and then another. LOL.

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