blue moon

Mini Session No. 001

Full moon. Super moon. Blue moon. Blood moon.

All at one time.

And, I’m not sure what all this extra is trying to tell me.

But, I understand.

Logically, I know this Super Blue Blood Moon (on Wednesday, January 31, 2018) is rare.

Full for the second time this month, she’ll appear 14% bigger. She’ll glow up to 30% brighter. All while passing the earth’s shadow, causing a lunar eclipse.

This – the Celestial Triplet – hasn’t happened in 150 years… and won’t happen again until December 31, 2028.


See how special she is?

Energetically, I am drawn into her mystical magic.


what if…

I am ready to set some intentions?

I want to reflect on my life?

I am about to create something new?

What if…

this phase really can turbo-charge my commitments?

it can energize my efforts?

it will clear the air for a new beginning in the weeks and months to come?

Why wouldn’t I take this opportunity…

to focus my intent?

glean deeper insight into who I am?

and to forge a positive, productive future?

So, I honor Miss Super Blue Blood.

As I honor my most authentic, true self.

By doing something special for her… and me… and you.

To accept what she is offering… and share it with everyone.

With this powerful session for us!

To calm our bodies, open our minds and energize our spirits to our Moon Momma.

And, don’t forget the special journal pages. Download and print them to help you get focused, set your intention and attract exactly what you need from this experience!

You’ll join me, right?

Let’s do this!

And, I promise I won’t make you wait 131 months before I share another freebie with you. 😉

Watch for another free mini session in February…

♥ Suni

PS: Here are some things that may add intention to your moonly manifesting:

Moon Magic (book), by Diane Ahlquist

Moon Spells (book), by Diane Ahlquist

Astral Journey Candle

Power Candle

Angelite! In bracelet form (my favorite) 😉

Essential oil blend for meditation

And one for creativity

About Suni Speaks

I love using my experiences as a hypnotist to share the benefits of hypnosis in unexpected ways. I’ll hypnotize anyone to help them reconnect with who they really are. And, guide their best self toward their biggest dreams. Between sessions and gatherings, I try to find love in the little things. Sometimes I write about it. ♥

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